15th Alabama Company G

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About Us

Wanted! Men and Women interested in reliving one of the most pivotal times in American history.

Our Mission

To children, we teach their proud heritage that has been passed over by history. We also display many artifacts and exact reproductions of the era personally owned by the members themselves, and are not limited to just soldier life but also include women, as they are very much a part of the original unit.
We hope that in sharing our hobby, we can all learn how this period was pivotal in the foundations that make up our modern life. 

History of The 15th Alabama AVI

    In May 1861, James Canty- a wealthy South Carolina planter living in Russell County, Alabama- formed "Canty's Rifles" militia at Fort Mitchell on the Chatahoochee River. As was the custom then, he was elected the Captain. While camped at Fort Mitchell awaiting their first orders, nine other militias arrived from Barbour, Dale, Macon, and Pike counties. A tenth militia from Henry County arrived, lead by future Alabama governor and US Senator, Captain William C. Oates.
      On July 3rd 1861 Alabama Governor A.B. Moore swore in all 11 militiasas companies A through K,15th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Oates' militia became company G of that regiment. James Canty was elected Colonel. The men enlisted for 3 years to qualify for free uniforms and equipment. The government refused equipment for less than 3-year commitments. 15th Alabama's first weapons were 1840's Mississippi rifles and even older George Law smoothbore muskets converted to percussion rifles. They later acquired British Enfield and New England -made Springfield rifles.
      The 15th Alabama was ordered to Pageland Field, Va for drill. At Pageland, the regiment suffered its first 150 losses to its worst enemy-
the measles. Camp life in 1861/1862 was congested and filthy. Disease and sickness plagued the new soldiers. But Colonels seeking political favor refused to move the sick to hospitals: the more men they were able to display , the better their chances for promotion to General. To escape the measles, the 15th was ordered to Camp Toombes, Va in September 1861.
      At Camp Toombes, the 15th Alabama was combined with the 16th Mississippi, 21st North Carolina, and the 21st Georgia as Trimbles Brigade of Ewell's Division. Trimble's Brigade moved north to Manassas,Va near Washington to spend its first Winter Quarters. The following April, Ewell's Division was assigned to T. "Stonewall" Jackson's Corps. The 15th was baptized to hostile fire as part of Jackson's famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign, capturing 10,000 prisioners, 52 cannons, 105,000 rifles, and 600 beef- defeating three federal armies.

Battles Fought

The 15th Alabama mustered 1,612 men throughtout the war. Suffered losses in 48 battles, and surrendered 172 men fit for fighting at Appomattox Court House, Va in 1865.

Winchester, Va                              May 25, 1862
Cross Keys, Va                              June 8, 1862
Malvern Hill, Va                             July 2,  1862
Cedar Run, Va                               August 9, 1862
Warrenton Springs Ford, Va           August 12, 1862
Hazel River , Va                            August 22, 1862
2nd Bull Run, Va                           August 28-30, 1862
Chantilly, Va                                 September 1,1862
Sharpesburg, Md                          September 17, 1862
Sheperdstown, Va                         September 19, 1862
Fredericksburg, Va                        December 13, 1862
Suffolk, Va                                   April 28- May 3, 1863
Gettysburg, Pa                              July 2-3, 1863
Battle Mountain, Va                       July 17, 1863
Chickamauga, Ga                          September 19-20, 1863
Mocassin Point, Tn                       September 30, 1963
Brown's Ferry, Tn                        October 28,1863
Lookout Valley, Tn                       October 28,1863
Campbell's Station, Tn                   November 15, 1863
Knoxville, Tn                                November 25, 1863
Knoxville, Tn                                November 29,1863
Dandridge, Tn                               January 24, 1864
Wilderness, Va                              May 6, 1864
Spotsylvania Court House, Va         May 8-12, 1864
North Anna River, Va                     May 25, 1864
Ashland, Va                                   May 31, 1864
2nd Cold Harbor, Va                       June 3, 1864
Chester Station,Va                          July 17, 1864
Petersburg, Va                               July 19-25, 1864
New Market Heights, Va                 August 14-15,1864
Fussell's Mills, Va                          August 16, 1864
Fort Gilmer, Va                             September 29,1864
Fort Harrison, Va                          September 30,1864
Darbytown Road, Va                      October 7 and 13, 1864
Williamsburg Road, Va                   October 27, 1864
Appomattox Court House, Va          April 9, 1865

Recent 15th Alabama Doings!

In rememberance and for the future.