15th Alabama Company G

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How Do I Join?


We have gear we can loan new recruits while they are “trying out” this new experience.  For your first event, you can bring a very small amount of equipment and be able to get started.

We will loan you a rifle, all supporting gear, known as “leathers,” a suitable uniform, and even a tent to sleep in.

To your first event, you will need to bring the following:

         Food and water for your own use

         The plainest brown or black leather shoes you own

         Sleeping gear: sleeping bag, pillow, blankets

         Warm undergarments for the cool evening to wear under your uniform

         Your checkbook to pay the WCWA dues for the current year

         A good attitude!


Additional details: In order for insurance to cover you, you must be members of our parent club, WCWA.  Cost is very reasonable: $25/individual or $40/family membership.

ALSO, you will need to complete a safety test.  This takes about 30 minutes to complete.

In addition, our 15th Alabama club dues are very reasonable: $10/year per family due upon joining.  We also have a powder dues fee of $50/year or $15/event.  This covers black powder and caps that you use throughout the season. 


New members are “sponsored” by a current member, or the Recruiting Officer of the club.   You will be asked to complete a Registration form and pay $10/unit dues in order to initiate membership. 

In rememberance and for the future.